Morocco enduro tour – Tour in october with Ingo, thanks for the nearly two awesome weeks. I had a lot of fun. I hope I keep in mind to put a comment on your website.
Other wise you can use the mail as an comment. (just not my address)
At the beginning I was uncertain about the tour, but a few days later it was a lot of fun and we all talked about the tour. The route and the speed was excellent. It never was boring, every day on the bikes was way to short. We discovered and rode thousands of beautiful places. The speed was perfect, there was never any pressure on us and the bikes were excellent. The fact that we met other bike groups in the savanna makes the route much more better. Because when Adventure Tours rides there, the route must be good. I recommend this tour to everyone because it’s absolutly beautiful. Sadly I don’t got anybody who rides with me. Sven from D. KTM

Morocco enduro with SafariX and Christian and Dirk! It was gigantic, a wonderful adventure! Everybody knows morocco is awesome, but we mainly wanted to tunisia. See you there- with Quad J! My highlights were the sanddunes, the riverbed at the last day and the desert sleeping. Nelli (NRW) Beta 450 RR

The tour in morocco had beautiful tracks, dunes are my favourites, needless to say, 🙂
In total the daily riding advenged my riding skills extremly!
Thanks for your praise, I had a lot of fun! Nicole (NRW) Yamaha WR 250

The second guide was good, also in this little group. The solution of problems (exhausting, injured foot) For me it’s important that a organizer switch his plans this way that the person with problems, don’t got to do anything. And of course the rest of the group had to have fun.
A few sleepings in the same pension, the differ between the offroad tracks, the length of daily trips, excellent! Jörg (TH) KTM LC 8!! Morocco trip 2 with Erg Chegagga

I want to thank you for this unique and challenging trip. Wolfgang and Teddy- Luzern(Swiss) BMW X-Challenge and KTM 690 with SafariX through Morocco

Thanks for the nice tour with nice people! You showed us very beautiful tracks. The next time I will perform my arms much more better. 😀 Thomas (HH) – KTM 250 EXC-F

An awesome tour, trough morocco. It was a lot of fun, I have to say. Erich from Munich- KTM 400 EXC (2 time on the trip!)

Comment from two bavarians 53 and 51 years old who take part at the morocco trip from SafariX in march. We don’t got any expectations in this trip. We know that it is an beautiful country which we wanted to discover after Romania, Greece, Sardegna, San Marino and Croatia. The bike transport to morocco and back was excellent.
The tour was a lot of fun for us. At first we came into the atlas mountains after a few riverbed kilometers, were we discovered beautiful mountain landscapes. The daily trips were about 7 to 9 hours of riding which was really challenging for our condition and riding skills. Good was that the not this advenged riders had the possibility to cut the daily track and go on asphalt to the hotel.
Also the injured people got the possibility to go on in the van of Ingo who is the tour chef. The night at the house of a friend from Ingo in combination with best african kitchen was very enjoyable . After a few days (Todra and Dades Valley) we came on fast pists in direction Erg Chebbi, were the 200m high sand dunes welcomed us. Here we stayed three nights in a lovely hotel and could ride complete 2 days the dunes. Then we turned, direction Marrakech again, were we took the flight back home after the 11. night.
We discovered a part of morocco with the most awesome landscapes on the nicest tracks. Beautiful but poor people we met. Also we saw the extremly difference between poor and rich in the city of marrakech.
I want to thank our guides Ingo and Eric for the excellent organisation. I can recommend this trip to everybody. It’s no touristical trip, were is everything included. Man and machine have to do there part!
(Like this we wanted it) Konrad Bayerl and Winfried Püschel (Yamaha WR)

Excellent holidays, with a lot of new impressions. Awesome offroad experience with two nice tourguides and best planing of route, break and hotels. Michael (rental bike KTM 400 EXC)

Morocco enduro trip in march, excellent to get out of the sucking german winter. Everybody who thinks of doing an organized trip to morocco I can recommend to do this at SafariX.( I don’t know anybody else, but I could not expect it more better.) Good organisation, nice hotels. But in main: awesome offroad tracks (from the highlands to riverbeds to dakar tracks and of course sand with dunes which i’ve never seen before). And all this in a familiar atmosphere. The guys are also absolutly flexible, so that everybody gets his own advenutre. (a guide rides up the big dunes with you on the back of his bike). All in all a trip which I keep in mind. Erich (Munich LC 4)

Also me I had a lot of fun on our trip. It wasn’t the last time I went to morocco, of course the Erg Chebbi. Thomas (Ulm, KTM EXC 400)

I wish you all the best for your company. I like you organisation during this adventure.
Greetings to Eric, see you. Ewald Austria (rental bike KTM 525 EXC)