Conditions morocco enduro

The following conditions you should have, then the morocco enduro tour is the right for you!

Average fitness– you aren’t a couch potato, you take trips with your bicycle or do some other sport. You don’t have to be an athlete equipment– Enduro safety protection including helmet, gloves, enduroboots, knee and ellbow and back safety protection, camelbag (with daily stuff like tools in it), rain jacket also as windbreaker, tools and tubes if you ride with them.

Riding conditions morocco enduro tour: Rookies– do not can take part at any of our enduro tours as rider, conditions for a participation are a 2 day enduro training or a participation at our germany endurotour

Enduro I- (Beginner)– does have a minimum of 7000km biking advantage (street) and have done first rides offroad (minimum 500 km), ride and brake safely on loose ground (sand, stones, clay) easy to challenging terrain, little obstacles like little walls or wholes, up and down is possible. Average speed offroad about 25 km/h Enduro II- (Hobby)– ride enduro as an hobby and have 3.000 km offroad experience – like Enduro I, more challenging like singletrails, easy stuff cross country is possible to ride, constantly riding speed (no speeding, Tourguides will take your speed, it’s an tour, safety first!!) deep sand, stones, up and down is more challenging and way more steeper, no extreme tracks Enduro III (Expert riders)– like I and II and have 10.000 km offroad experience with constantly speed every kind of terrain is possible to ride, you ride your bike regularly and want to discover your limits If you see yourself between, not a problem, when you are sporty and want to learn something new then sort your self a step higher. If you want to go more easy and relaxing or you got not a good fitness then sort yourself a step lower.